Life imprisonment sentence to Lashkar-e-taiba’s 8 terrorists


A court of Rajasthan has sentenced to life imprisonment to Lashkar-e-taiba’s 8 terrorists. These terrorists will also have to pay a fine of Rs 2 lakh each.

According to media reports, In the various jails of Rajasthan, terrorists KabIl Khan, Asghar Ali, Shakar Ullah, Mohammad Iqbalali, Shafrulla, Hafiz Abdul Majid, Nishchand Ali, Pawan puri and Arun Jain were directly linked to Pakistan. They used to talk to their masters on the phone.

In 2010, Rajasthan Police arrested three Pakistani and five Indian citizens on charges of terror conspiracy. In it Asgar Ali, Shakar Ullah and Mohammed Iqbalali are Pakistani. Whereas, Nishchand Ali, Pawan Puri, Arun Jain, Kabil Khan and Abdul Majid are Indian citizens.

In the investigations of the Rajasthan Police, there were strong evidence that the accused were from the terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba. The sleeper cell of the terrorists was revealed on the basis of their phone recordings. The case was going on for seven years. After the completion of the debate on the conviction of the culprits on November 30, the verdict was pronounced today.

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